I have had the pleasure of being a customer of Ashley Swithenbank for the last 8+ years! I have seen her grow into a very talented, confident, conscientious, diligent and ambitious young lady. Ashley is a reliable, professional beautician and carries out her treatments to a very high standard! I wish her the best in her future prospects.


I have known Ashley for a good number of years and it was my friend who recommended me to Ashley at the time. I wouldn't go anywhere else or to anyone else for my treatments, Ashley makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Ashley is really good at her job. I always recommend Ashley to anyone who asks me where to go.


I couldn't live without my lashes... and I wouldn't want to go to anyone else but Ashley to do them! They always look perfect and they look full for ages! Not only is Ashley such a professional, she is so friendly, welcoming and makes you feel comfortable during your treatment! I couldn't recommend Ashley enough!

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