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Ashley of Lash Envy and VP of Venus Beauty

Ashley is the owner of Lash Envy. Her passion for all things beauty began over 15 years ago and she has since gone on to be a master in the specialist treatments she offers. She stays ahead of the game by continually attending internationally hosted master classes and entering competitions.

Ashley adopts the newest techniques and utilises the best products in the industry to ensure her customers always stand out from the crowd. After all, at Lash Envy we know that no two customers are the same so we embrace a consultive approach and only every recommend the treatments we think are the most appropriate for you.

Tallulah puppy of Lash Envy

Tallulah is the newest member of the Lash Envy Team. Her role in the salon is front of house, which mainly consists of meeting and greeting clients, giving lots of cuddles and sleeping! She is currently training in Pawdicures.