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Eyelash Extension Training

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Stunning lashes have become an absolute essential in beauty over the past couple of years, causing the popularity of salon treatments to explode! Ashley is a skilled & experienced lash technician and has become a master in the specialist treatments she offers. She has designed these lash courses to help you build your own confidence, ability and brand in lash artistry. 

There is no better training than with Venus Beauty! You will get:
• An upgraded, new manual.
• A standard kit including lashes, tweezers, adhesive and lash samples.
• An accredited certificate on your training day.
• Access to a secret group of students on Facebook.
• 10% discount on insurance.
• 10% lifetime discount at the online Venus Beauty store.
• Lifetime support after training. 

Mentoring Session with Ashley


These individual sessions are the ideal way to focus on specific subjects of your choice, with many finding one-to-one classes to be the most effective and efficient way to learn. Ashley will help you to refresh your knowledge or perfect your skills* so that you can feel a renewed confidence in the treatments you offer your clients. 

Your Mentoring Session includes:
• A certificate of attendance.
• A gift bag.
• 10% lifetime discount at the online Venus Beauty store.
• Access to the Facebook secret student group.

For more information, including guidance on how many hours to book, call Ashley or get in touch via the contact page.

*Proof of previous course certificate required.

competition lashes and brows
competition lashes and brows
competition lashes and brows

Level 1 Classic Lashes

£580/2 day course

Beginner Level 1. 

This is the ideal course for students with no previous experience of applying lash extensions and are just entering the industry, or for lash technicians who feel their basic training was poor.

Ashley will help you to understand the specific theoretical knowledge and safety procedures at your own pace, as well as learning:
•About lashes. 
• Eye structure.  
• Safe distance application.  
• Introduction to curl, thickness and lengths of individual eyelashes.  
• Lid directions and how to apply lashes in the correct direction.  
• Different eye shapes and how to recognise them.  
• Insurance and record cards.  
• Styling – visual correction of the eye shape.  
• About the adhesive.  
• Allergic reactions and how to recognise them.  
• Hygiene.  
• What equipment will be needed.  
• The importance of the health of the technician.  
• How to infill lashes.  
• How to give aftercare.  
• How to remove eyelashes safely.  
• Hair growth cycles.  
• And much more…. 

You will leave this course with a solid understanding of classic lashes, and a new confidence in offering these treatments to your clients!

For more information call Ashley or get in touch via the contact page. 

Level 1 Classic Lashes

£399/1 day course

Beginner Level 1.

This course is for students looking to start their brand new adventure as a lash technician, or for those who would like to refresh their skills. 

For more information call Ashley or get in touch via the contact page. 

Level 2 Volume Lashes

£459/1 day course

Level 2.

This stunning new lash technique has taken the industry by storm! Being able to offer this treatment could be the key to your success as it allows you to cater to every client's individual style, whether they're looking for full, thick volume to lightweight, natural lashes.

Ashley has designed this course for students who have already trained in Individual Lashes* and would like to take their talent to the next level!

You will learn:
• About Russian volume.
• The structure of the hair.  
• Different types of lash extensions.  
• What thickness and weight of lash is safe to use.  
• Lash Cycle.  
• Applying lashes to the outer corners – direction.  
• Safe application distance from the eyelid.  
• Creating a volume fan.  
• About cleanser and primer and how to use.  
• How to patch test.  
• Contraindications.  
• Covering gaps.  
• Eye proportions and styling.  
• How to wrap a volume fan.  
• Working with layers.  
• How to do the treatment.  
• Aftercare.  
• How to do a volume infill.  
• What is the adhesive and how to use.  
• And much more..

For more information call Ashley or get in touch via the contact page. 

*Proof of certificate required. 

Level 3 Advanced Volume including Mega Volume

£459/1 day course

Level 3 (including Mega Volume).

Do you want to offer your clients thicker, fuller and more dramatic lashes? 

Ashley designed this course for students looking to refresh their knowledge of Russian Volume application or to learn Advanced Russian Volume*, including Mega Volume- the art of applying up to 16 extensions to one natural lash. You'll leave this course feeling confident and empowered in offering your clients the best quality lash treatments! 

You will learn:
• About the adhesive.  
• Attachment.  
• Wrapping of a volume fan. 
• Adhesion/cohesion.  
• Directions.  
• Outer corner correct direction.  
• Fan widths.  
• How to create a mega volume fan and apply it safely to natural lash.  
• Mirror link application technique.  
• Mega volume top line effect.  
• Covering gaps in lashes.  
• Bridging techniques.  
• Structure classifications.  
• How to style the eye.  
• Eye shapes and more.  
• How to work with layers to achieve the perfect lash line.  
• And much more.. 

For more information call Ashley or get in touch via the contact page. 

* You must already be skilled in creating fans. Proof of certificate required.

*Accredited training by ABT.

A non-refundable booking fee of £100 is required upon booking, with the remaining balance to be paid up to a week before the training date. 
All training courses for two or more students are available in-house, perfect if you want to train as a team or you'd like to stay within the comfort and convenience of your own premises. This option requires an additional fuel cost of £40 within West Yorkshire, or £60 outside of West Yorkshire.